Who is Joseph Pilates?

German-born Joseph Pilates  (1880-1967), a sickly child, developed a series exercises to improve his health.

He taught these exercises to his WWI command, successfully overcoming a flu epidemic and later improving rehabilitation of the hospitalized wounded.
In 1926 he and his wife opened his Pilates Studio in New York City where devoted followers like Martha Graham and George Balachine studied.

Joseph Pilates at 57 years old
Romana Kryzanowska, as a young dancer, went to Joseph Pilates and became a devotee. She became Pilates’ protégé, and with her daughter and grand-daughter continues to perpetuate the original Pilates system, certifying instructors dedicated to the work of Joseph Pilates.
 Romana Kryzanowska

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning developed by
 German-born Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s.

It uses specially designed, spring-based apparatus and mat exercises to increase:

Flexibility & limberness  ■  Muscle tone & strength  ■  Balance & coordination

The Pilates Method

The Pilates Method is instructed as a safe, continuous workout that follows proper form in a series of controlled movements initiated from the “powerhouse:

■  Abdomen 
■  Low back 
■  Inner and outer thighs 
■  Buttocks 

These movements enable your body to move within its “frame” and involve:

■  An active yet non-repetitive approach 
■  No stress on the joints 
■  No heavy weights



What Pilates Can Do

■  Strengthen & tone muscles
■  Improve posture & coordination
■  Increase flexibility & balance
■  Streamline body shape
■  Stimulate circulation
■  Heal injured tissue
■  Relieve chronic pain
■  Reduce stress
■  Control Weight

Who Is Helped by Pilates?

■  All People
■  All Ages
■  All Fitness Levels
■  All Body Types